In 2021, Triangle announced its first research centered program named Spotlight Resource Plots. Spotlight Resource Plot trials are designed specifically for the field in which they are planted. Currently, Triangle is testing corn, soybean and cotton trials. These trials are looking at multiple data points across different planting dates, irrigation practices, fertility management, soil types, etc. 

Through this research program, Triangle is able to gather sound agronomic characteristics about these hybrids and varieties in addition to yield data. These plots are different from traditional strip trials in that they are generally much larger. Triangle is looking at 16 to 24 rows which is a much larger acre analysis. This allows our growers to make very sound and unique decisions regarding seed selection. The goal of our Spotlight Resource Plot trial program is to help our growers make the best seed decisions for their farms based on their fields.

Bryan Olivi | Mid-South Division |

Josh Corbett | North Carolina Division |

Bowen Simmons | Georgia/Florida Division |